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Cross Country Skis & Snowshoes

We are Northeast Wisconsin's source for cross country skis and snowshoes!

When the snow starts to fall, there's no better way to enjoy Wisconsin's winter wonderland than with cross country skiing. At The Bike Hub, we are passionate about cross country skiing, as we specialize in both classic and skate styles. We offer classic skis in no wax, waxable, and even skin ski options. We also offer skate skis ranging from beginner packages to top of the line race equipment.

Interested in learning how to ski, or looking to improve on your skills? We offer lessons to anyone who would like to spend some time out in our beautiful landscape while absorbing pertinent information on how to become an efficient skiier! 

The Bike Hub is excited about our skate ski group - Gnarski!
The mission of Gnarski is to help strengthen the local ski community by offering consistent progressive skate ski technique training clinics, along with group ski opportunities.
If you are interested in joining this group, please head over to Gnarski's Facebook page by clicking the logo below:  

Not quite the skiing type, but would still like to stay active outside during our winter? We also offer a variety of snowshoes that will allow you to keep active during the long winter months. Stop in and our team can help pick the right ones for you.

Waxless Skis

The best option for those looking to get a start in the sport, waxless skis offer low maintenance without compromising performance for the beginner skiier.

Skin Skis

Skin skis offer a wonderful ski, no matter the snow condition. Outfitted with a binding that can move in order to perfect your grip and glide, these skis are sure to give you maximum fun on your adventure! A strip of mohair replaces the traditional kick wax, allowing for less maintenance and more fun.

Skate Skis

Skate skiing combines an incredible workout with the sensation of flying on snow. This is a great option for speed seekers!

Our Gnarski ski group focuses on skate ski techniques, so be sure to join us!

Private Lessons

We do offer private ski lessons - skate or classic! Our rates are $50/hour for one person, or $35/hour for multiple people at the same session. Call the shop to set up a time and meeting place, and get ready to have some fun!

Ski Waxing Clinics

We also offer waxing clinics throughout the winter. These clinics can be educational for those just starting out with ski maintenance, and those seasoned skiiers who may need a refresher on waxing techniques. These clinics are helpful for anyone who own any type of cross country skis, as waxing is beneficial for them all. Keep an eye out on our Upcoming Events tab, or give the shop a call to see when the next clinic is going to be held.


Another alternative for winter recreation, snowshoeing is a great option for anyone who is looking for some aerobic activity during our long winter months. We carry a variety of snowshoes and accessories here at the store, and are ready to help find the perfect fit for you!

We are proud to carry the following brands: