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Bicycle Service

Bike Repair & Service

From installing new inner tubes, cables, hydraulic disc brakes, to complete hub overhauls, no job is too big or too small for The Bike Hub's team of well-seasoned, experienced mechanics. 

We are happy to take your bike into our service area and complete small jobs while you wait or schedule a work order for larger jobs.

General Shop Rate 


minimum service charge of $5.

Common Service Charges

Flat Fix: $15-18 plus inner tube ($7.99 and up)

Wheel True: $20

Brake Bleed: $40

Bottom Bracket Service: $30

Derailleur Adjust: $10

Brake Adjust: $10

Chain and Pivot Lube $7.58


Our Most Popular Complete Service Packages

Good Tune: $74.99

Front and rear derailleurs adjusted

Front and rear brakes adjusted

Front and rear wheels spot trued on bicycle

Frame wiped down

Chain and brake/derailleur pivots are lubricated

Tires are inflated

Headset and bottom bracket adjusted correctly

Bike receives safety check and is test ridden (weather permitting) to confirm it is in the best working condition possible

Better Tune: $119.99

Our Better Tune up includes all of the same important adjustments as our Good Tune, in addition to: drivetrain degreased and re-lubricated, wheels removed and trued, and hubs are adjusted. Labor for installation of chain and cassette replacement included in price.

E-Bike/Recumbent/Trike/Tandem Tune: +$15.00

A tune up tailored to the unique demands of these specialty bikes

Please be advised that our peak repair season runs from mid March through August.


Our E-Bike Policy

  • We will assess all e-bikes to determine if we are able to service them.

  • We will work on e-bike mechanical issues; however, we will not work on any e-bike batteries, electronics, or motors unless they are the following brands: Bosch, Specialized, or Yamaha, as we only have the proper diagnostic tools for these brands.

  • A diagnostic fee of $25 will be charged, and any additional labor will be billed at our hourly rate of $75/hour on all e-bike batteries, electronics, and motors that we are able to service.

  • The Bike Hub can install any replacement parts that are provided by the customer, with no guarantee that the bike will function properly after the installation of the provided parts. The customer will be billed a $75 an hour labor rate, along with the $15 e-bike surcharge.

Associated fees with E-bikes:

$15 surcharge to any e-bike service

$25 diagnostic fee for Bosch, Specialized, or Yamaha powered bikes

$35 flat labor for rear flat changes on hub drive motors

$75 hourly rate

$200 E-bike build