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Recumbent Bikes

Not limited to just people who aren't physically able to ride two wheeled bikes, these three wheeled machines are a great alternative that allows anyone to ride a bike! Recumbents are perhaps the most comfortable option for a bike (come in and test one for yourself!), and still gives you a great workout.

For those riders who need adaptations due to balance, flexibility, or medical issues, recumbents offer many different types of equipment and accessories that can be added. These bikes also can be outfitted with an electronic pedal assist system, which opens up a whole new world of riding for many people; this allows for you to ride farther and longer, without putting strain on your body.

We have been selling and servicing recumbents since our inception in 2001. We have helped many people get back out riding who were suffering from pain and discomfort from upright bikes or needed the extra safety that a trike offers. We have also worked with many customers who have experienced strokes and are able to be of assistance with the special considerations needed in that situation.

The brands we carry at The Bike Hub are Catrike and TerraTrike. Please feel free to call or email with any questions you may have, or better yet, stop by and take some test rides on the beautiful Fox River Trail. Our store is directly connected to the trail for long and carefree test rides, instead of trying to decide on a new trike in a parking lot or busy street. We love to get people out on trikes!