Our Story

Dave and Rebecca opened The Bike Hub in 2001 in order to turn their mutual love of all things cycling into a shared career. After a decade of experience running a multi-store operation, Dave felt it was time to create something great from the ground up. As a former BMX racer, he turned to mountain biking for thrills and eventually road biking for training when he got his first shop job at 19. Rebecca's former career was as a middle school teacher, but she was not new to cycling; she spent 10 years as one of the top cyclists in Wisconsin, founded a local trail advocacy group, helped organize races, taught kids camps, and served on the board of the Baird Creek Preservation Foundation, her favorite place to ride and trail run. Besides lots of road, trail, and cyclocross riding in the area, they travel "out west" annually to get their fix of mountain biking as pictured here in Cortez, Colorado.